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Welcome to my songs

“One chord is fine. Two chords is pushing it.
Three chords and you’re into jazz.” – Lou Reed

‘Sometime in my search for a meaningful embrace,
my self respect took second place’ – Iggy Pop

While you’re here, listen up to get down

Harry Grant 

Howdy Im one individual
using a DAW: Apples’ Logic Pro.
I play Guitar, Bass and Keys I write my own material.
I am self taught. My father took me to see Segovia when I was ten or so.
Segovia didnt have a pedal board.

Its nice that I’m visited by people from near and far
who, perhaps, in a exuberant moment, spread the word about my songs. Thank you.

Its not that my songs are so great or anything.
In fact any one could write songs if they applied themselves. 
But my favorite songs are the meaningful ones affecting us all.
In which I decry the eroding of our freedoms and the horrors of
such things as social credit scores and digital currencies.

The illuminated keep asking me to join their ranks
and even though its tempting
I rely, like a character in a Tennessee Williams story,
on the kindness of strangers to spread the word about

Your Attention please!
Running around loose, on their own recognizance
are other Harry Grants.
I guess the most famous one is a UK soccer player.

Many others are, unlike me,
good, talented musicians.
So, much to my chagrin, after 
finding 68 other Harry Grants on SC alone and
in order  to stand out from the crowd,  
I made my own 2 sites
and this one, my main site, which stands for Indian Ocean. 

Plus this way and because my views and domains are my own
I am not as subject to the whims of cancel culture.

Harry could tell you a lot about himself
but you’ d be bored 
It enough that you now know
Harry is the new  king of PopGeezerRock!

for instance:

Does Harry like long walks on the beach? Sure.
Is Harry a Cat person or a Dog person? depends
Does Harry have the Blues? 
No but I like the Chicago Blues.
And of the 3 Kings prefer Albert, Freddie and BB in that order and Buddy Guy
I also eat dangerously and had eggs for breakfast and dont believe in bad cholesterol.
Harry quit smoking cigarettes using nicorette gum and recommends it.
Harry is un-jabbed.

Harry likes to have his options open
to be un-encumbered by
excess regulation and taxes.
Harry Demands Fair Elections.
Harry prefers sound money.

Harry promotes free speech.
Harry does want fries with that. Freedom Fries!

Play my songs frequently and loudly and
be the first in your ten minute city
to share my music with everyone close by!

Quotations are a Passion of Mine

That opening quote above by Lou Reed is provocative in that it piques your interest.
At least it piqued mine. I happen to admire Lou Reed a lot and grew up with the VU.
Not everything Lou did of course because he has so many records
but some of his simplest solo songs are perfect. Not to mention the Velvets.
No song writer can keep writing hit after hit. In fact I saw a Rick Beato on YT
where he explains how Taylor Swift Keeps churning out the hits. She has collaborators.
Plus she went from Country to Pop to Indie sounding. Genre fluid.

But on that topic: music theory, if you are  learning guitar beware
there exist pockets of mendacity, posing and money pandering  within the learn guitar industrial complex. 
I even made a study of it here

My no 1 tip to you as a learning electric guitar student is to buy a learner amp
from Fender which will enable you match your instructors tone. 
These can be had for under 200$. There is nothing worse than being unable
to match the tone of your guitar instructor especially in metal and rock. 

Rikki Rooksby writes the best books on guitar and keyboard song writing.
The musical side not the lyrical. They are like user manuals for compositional tools you didnt know you had. is his publisher

Chit and Chat Dear Dairy

A long time guitar player, and modest collector I gravitate to different guitars
depending on my mood and whats available. Ive gotten hours of fun out a 
100$ Nylon string Spanish guitar and I also bought a fingerstyle guitar book and
taught my self, over about three years, I guess, to fingerstyle and hybrid pick over guitar triads.

A flatpicker, it took me years to want to learn how to finger pick
but it needs to be done if you want to unleash your potential.
Now mine is unleashed and I have to take it for a walk now and then.
If given a choice, I prefer my electric guitars lite in weight with tremolo arms.
The less weight a guitar has the better for ones back if playing standing.
My X-ray shows a slight curvature of the spine from playing with guitars strapped on standing up.
EVH used to say he could tell by ear if a player was playing sitting or standing.
Edie’s parents were concert pianists and he was classically trained sadly thats not always the best route.

I also have enjoyed success with other western tuned instruments keyboard and bass guitar.
These songs are the musical fruition of the DAW combined with long hours of diligent perseverance.

Merely to fill in the time while you hopefully listen, spellbound, to my compositions, I’ll share with you a secret. I proudly use auto-tune and any other plug-in I think will help. 

Kit: Mac M2 <> Logic 11

I just got a Mac M2 and have been installing plug ins to Logic 11 the last few days. Besides having to learn the new Logic 11  Ive got iZotope Pro-plan and Native Instruments Kontact and Pilot and Captain Plug-Ins from Next in Key. I also had Scaler but never had much luck with it. And now I can’t find the ….

Logic 11 has a new global track called Chords

Logics Global Chord allows AI in the shape of 2 individual session players:
one for Bass and one for Piano respectively.
If you give it a chance you’ll see the similarity to the Drummers which had made me a devotee in the first place. There are sliders enabling the simplification or complication of each instrument.

I also enjoy using Captain plug ins with Logic and for a reasonable price you get the same kind of tweaking features and more. EpicDeepBass is wicked cool. Pilot plug ins are also mandated and recommended. I have written some of my favorite songs using these plug ins with Logic.

Again For non Logic Plug Ins  I like WAVES  and besides JJ Puig and 3 Kings also use Native Instruments Nectar  on my vocal track and Ozone the Master.
I tweak the abundent pre-sets to suit. The quieter your interactions with your keyboard the better. For example a mechanical keyboard can ruin your recording as you interact with your DAW even if they are back lit.

See My Song Videos Instead

I use YouTube to showcase my song videos too.
Not every song has a video.
My song videos if you prefer. YouTube Vids

Thanks for listening.

harry youtube video link