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Welcome to my Songs 

Harry Grant?

I Welcome people from all over the world who enjoy my songs!
With so much music out there, its an honor. Thank You!  
FYI There are other Harry Grants afoot as well. Bless them all. 
And on SoundClown, close to 70 of ’em.
So thats why I made my own 2 sites and this one,
my main site,
which stands for Indian Ocean

While you’re here, listen up to get down

You are possibly wondering

Does Harry like long walks on the beach?
Is Harry a Cat person or a Dog person?
Does Harry have the Blues? Or have tattoos?
or blue suede shoes? or outlandish views.
Does Harry have a lot of Nerve?
or Is Harry just another perv?
Who Does Harry Think he is? 
Is Harry about Love or about Hate.
Is listening to Harry a big mistake?
Does Harry arrive early and leave late?
Does Harry know when the parties over
and to always look over your shoulder?
I like my lyrics to be comprehensible and
thought provoking or failing that just about sex.

Harry’s mailing list doesnt work but this does hgrant<@>
All my songs are copy-written Digital Ambergris 2022, 2023, 2024.
At the current time you can play my songs but kindly give me credit and dont forget to take your medication. Ive got the blood pressure me self.

A long time guitar player, I enjoy multiple guitars and am in a polyamorous relationship with several. They dont seem to mind.
If given a choice, I prefer my guitars curvaceous with graceful Tremelo arms. The less weight a guitar has the better. 

I am also on a first name basis with keyboard and bass guitar, at least for my amateur song composing purposes.
And I have a voice like sand and glue or tar and gravel depending on how charitable you are feeling.
Harry proudly uses auto-tune and any other plug-in he thinks will help.
For Vocals I like WAVES plug ins and besides JJ Puig and 3 Kings also use Nectar 4 on my vocal track and Ozone 14 the Master.
I tweak the pre-sets to suit. The quieter your interactions the better.

As part of my ongoing study of music  I have accumulated studio type things I dont really use anymore.
For example I have 4 midi keyboards. I tend to only use the 2 octave small Korg Nano Key2

I have/like the Akai MPK mini keyboard 25 a lot too but a key malfunctioned and its well known for this fault so I didnt order a new one.

 I have Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol MK2 S-49 keyboard with expensive plug ins I never use because its so unintuitive.

I just ordered a Boss DM 101-Delay Machine and Im all excited

Harrys Song Writing 

I write the music ‘n words myself.

I use Apples Logix Pro X and recommend Apples’ Garage Band too. One learns w/Garage Band and its free with iOS Tablets. If you are a song writer, and/or actually play an instrument, because of its drums, I strongly recommend Logic. 
I have enjoyed playing around with several DAWs Ableton, FL Studios, Studio One, but prefer Logic for its drums and songwriters viewpoint.
To learn I recommend Mac Pro Video. 

My Business Model

My songs here are free to listen to

Some Gear Tips

I recommend the Sennheiser Profile Microphone.

as well as the RODE NT1-A with the boom arm
not the floor stand unless its a very quiet pro stand.

My mailing list isnt working 

I hope that you enjoy my music.
If you like it tell your friends please.

Many of these songs have videos.
go here to see them

On youtube Music on Youtube

I hope you like these musical efforts of mine.

Thanks for listening.