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A long time guitar player, I love guitars and own a couple.
Harry also dabs his hand in keyboards and bass guitar and has  a voice like sand and glue.
I prefer guitars with tremelo arms. Bigsbys, of course, and Floyd Rose and Duesenberg arms all have their place in my small collection.

Many of these songs have videos.
go here to see them

Harry likes rock and roll among other genres.

I had a Weltanshang  but it ran away with my Schadenfreude 

I revel in Americana and wish you enjoyment.

Harrys  Song Writing 

My songs here are free to listen to.  I write the music ‘n words myself.

I recommend the Sennheiser Profile Microphone.

as well as the RODE NT1-A with the boom arm
not the floor stand unless its a very quiet pro stand.

My mailing list isnt working 

I hope that you enjoy my music.
If you like it tell your friends please.

I refuse to use IG/FB or any commie globalist anti-free speech platforms

One cant ignore the elephant in the room however

On youtube Music on Youtube

I hope you like these musical efforts of mine.

Thanks for listening.